Horizon is a free, confidential and professional drugs, alcohol and sexual health support service for Blackpool. At Dickson Road you can receive a range of drug and alcohol harm reduction interventions and our experienced sexual health team offer non judgemental guidance and support with any issue relating to sexual health and health and wellbeing.

  • We recognise the issues facing those living with and affected by HIV, we see the
    impact on individuals and communities
  • We understand the difficulties experienced by survivors of sexual violence
  • We support the health and wellbeing needs of those within the LGB and T community
  • We work with a range of vulnerable adults including sex workers and drug users
  • We will complete an assessment with you to find out what your needs are
  • We will work with you on a one-to-one basis to help you overcome your problems
  • We will refer you to and connect with other people and services that can help you